The Human Race

Human trafficking is real, and it is not just a third-world problem. Atlanta is a major hub.  TWENTY-ONE MILLION people a year are trafficked, mostly immigrants.  Below is an excerpt from a conversation with some of Atlanta’s leaders.

There is something we can do.  Most of us don’t like to stand in line at airport security. But the next time you’re there, you can do something that might save a life.  Look around. Do you notice anything unusual about the other passengers – a woman who doesn’t speak or make eye contact with anyone, not even the people she’s traveling with? Is someone else carrying her ID or boarding pass? Maybe she looks anxious.  Letty Ashworth, GM of Global Diversity, Delta Airlines, says “You have to ask yourself.. could this person be in trouble? There are 800 numbers you can call in this situation. And it’s okay if you’re wrong… we’d rather you report it than not report it at all.”

Here are ways you can report it.  Or if these aren’t handy, mention it to the ticket agent and take a picture.

  • National Trafficking hotline: 888-373-7888
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hotline: 866-347-2423

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