Running with Devils and Dust

I rounded out this week of cold, winter running by listening to Bruce Springsteen’s, Devils & Dust album from 2005.  He is one our great American storytellers.  For all you millennials out there, if you want a glimpse of what life was like right before the age of internet and cell phones, before mass terrorism and shootings, in a little simpler time, then listen to his music and stories.  It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine; his music is rarely that, but it is pure and simple.  Bruce Springsteen has an interesting biography that you can look up, which has shaped him from his childhood, his religion and his struggles with depression.  Yet, he is unique in that he never took drugs as a musician.  His music reflects a raw emotion that is not clouded by technology and the Beyonce debacles of today.  As I continue my running along the small inside track at the gym today (too windy for outside), I look out the windows overlooking the train yard next door and I can hear Bruce’s harmonica playing…

About Life and Heart Matters

I love sharing the stories I see around me every day - of life, family, of the heart and of the spirit. I've written for Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines, participated in speaking engagements across the U.S and France, and enjoy working with humanitarian efforts. I also like spending time running, swimming and reading, all of which can be done on a beach somewhere!
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