Japan has one of the world’s most powerful export economies, but was heavily affected by the 2008-2009 worldwide recession.  Low birth rates and an aging population are major societal and economic concerns for the future.  Though there is freedom of religion, over 70% of Japanese claim no personal religion, and most follow the rituals of ancestor-venerating Buddhism and polytheistic Shintoism.  There are very few Christians.  Christianity is still considered an outside, western religion rather than […]
Jamaica is a large mountainous island in the Caribbean.  Jamaica has a wonderful Christian heritage, and one of the highest number of churches per square mile with several Bible schools and seminaries.  However, gangs and drug cartels have also brought high crime, violence and drugs to the country. The Rastafarians is a common religion in Jamaica, characterized by the colors green, gold, red and black that you see in Jamaican hats, symbols and clothing.  It […]
Italy is a mountainous peninsula that dominates the Mediterranean Sea and includes two large islands, Sardinia and Sicily.  Italy has contributed much to the world – legal systems of Roman law, Latin language, Renaissance culture of art and music, and many fashion innovations.  Christianity flourished here but soon became a formalized state religion of cultural Catholicism.  They were virtually untouched by the Protestant Reformation and have never had Biblical revival.  The Roman Catholic Church is […]


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