Pray for Our World: Italy

Italy is a mountainous peninsula that dominates the Mediterranean Sea and includes two large islands, Sardinia and Sicily.  Italy has contributed much to the world – legal systems of Roman law, Latin language, Renaissance culture of art and music, and many fashion innovations.  Christianity flourished here but soon became a formalized state religion of cultural Catholicism.  They were virtually untouched by the Protestant Reformation and have never had Biblical revival.  The Roman Catholic Church is now in crisis.  Though the church is active in Italian identity, very few people faithfully practice Catholicism, even as low as 3%.

Organized crime is high and infiltrates every level of society, with influence in local and federal governments.  The income from organized crime is largely from drugs and extortion.  Young people are very susceptible to the secularism and drugs that is prevalent in the country.  Italy is a beautiful and historical country and has a lot to offer the world.  Pray that the churches will turn to the Bible for truth and return to their faith as a way of life for their country.

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