Bahrain is a small group of islands in the Arabian Gulf between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  Unemployment and poverty are becoming bigger problems as their oil and water supplies are dwindling.  The ruling government is Sunni Muslim but the majority of people are Shi’a Muslim, and this is a source of conflict.  There is also a large expatriate community of workers from more than 50 nations drawn to this part of the world.  It is illegal to proselytize Muslims but Christians are free to worship, though there are not many places where they can do so. For over 100 years, the American Mission Hospital located in Bahrain has been highly regarded as a place to receive medical care based on […]
I’m very excited about getting to the individual countries as I pray around the world.  I’ve looked at each region of the world and gained an appreciation for their culture, progress and issues.  Now I begin to look more individually, to appreciate each person and their culture for who they are and who God made them to be. Starting in alphabetical order in my Operation World book, the first country is Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in Asia.  The majority of the people are Iranian.  There is an overall literacy rate of 28%, and only 15% for women.  The people have been shattered by decades of war and ongoing conflicts.  Yet they are a rich country in natural resources […]
I remember stepping off the plane in Bangkok a few years ago.  I had never been to this far-reaching and culturally different region of the world called Asia and did not know what to expect.  What I did know was that it was less than one percent Christian and held the majority of the world’s most ancient civilizations, a stark difference to my American Southeast culture.  But I’ll never forget the young Thai girl I met in one of the shops.  She had a framed picture of Jesus on one of her store shelves, and the store was noticeably lacking of any of the numerous Buddhist statues you would see in any other shop.  She had the most beautiful smile, […]


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