Somewhat strange acquisitions to my CD collection

I completed my running journey this week by listening to One EskimO’s Shrangri La from 2009. If you like to dream, think, and generally wander while running, then this is the album for you. I kept on running just so I could listen to it again!  And still I have no idea how I acquired this somewhat strange CD into my collection.  It must have been during my foggy years a few years back…

This cartoon version is great!



I’m driving around the north Georgia country this afternoon (chauffeuring my son around) and noticed this has to be some of the most beautiful and peaceful scenery I have ever seen.  Farms are scattered across the landscape, charming old houses and some beautiful new ones too, a few country stores and even a cemetery called Ebenezer.  Around every turn there was a different church painted into the landscape, quaint and small, and each one seemed to tell a history of the area. It was like stepping back in time, yet all-the-while knowing the city was probably only fifteen minutes away in the opposite direction should I need a quick Starbucks.  Seeing all those churches made me think.  There were probably 6 or 7 different denominations if I had counted them all, each within a neighborly walk of the other.  Did they all get along at one time; come together in each other’s need?  I like to think that even though we might disagree on a few things among ourselves, we mostly all agree on the important ones.  I would love to come back to the area and visit for a while on an afternoon when I have nothing to do and maybe take a few pictures.  I could say something here about living in the old South or Americana, but instead, one picture comes to my mind that I had taken on a previously similar adventure to a nearby area.  It is a sign from an old southern church and cemetery.  I think it sums it up nicely.