These are the basic steps needed to begin your website. I can help with all of these items, but this will give you a good idea of the options and information needed for your website.
Determine your website type

Do you need a basic one-page site for contact information, a larger site with menu pages, or an E-commerce business site? If you’re not sure what you will need, start with the small business website template. It can be customized with your colors, logo, information and pictures, and will get your site up and running quickly. You can always add more to it later. Or, I can help you select a theme and package to match your business needs. Download the checklist to see what to consider when starting your website. 

Choose a website hosting provider

A website hosting provider, such as WordPress, allocates space for your website on the web and provides the software to build and maintain your site. There are several plans available depending on your needs, and you can always upgrade your plan later with no impact to your site. I like to use WordPress for its support and easy maintenance, and suggest starting with a basic hosting plan unless you need an e-commerce site or specialized design. WordPress hosting plans start at $48 per year, and an e-commerce or business plan with all extras is $300 per year. 

Purchase your domain (website name)

A domain name is purchased through a domain registry site. If you already own your domain, I can transfer it to your new website. If you have not purchased one yet, I can add it to your hosting account. Most domains cost about $20 per year to renew.

You’re ready to start your site!

Contact me to get started building your website! I can help answer any questions you have about your website or the process.

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