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Life and Heart Matters - Sue McCusker

Motivational inspiration and sound advice for graduating seniors and young people just starting out in the world.

– Inspiration –

Why do things happen the way they do? Is it mere chance or does God have a hand in the details? 

– Biographies & Memoirs –

Magazine Stories

Angels on Earth: Lady of the Slopes

She wasn’t from the ski patrol. She wasn’t an instructor. So who was she?

Guideposts: His Mysterious Ways

The first thing I noticed the next morning was the chair beside the hospital bed. I knew it had not been there when I left at the end of visiting hours the night before. Who was the mysterious visitor?

About the Author

Sue McCusker is a writer, Bible teacher, and web developer who loves to share the stories of life, hope, and faith she sees around her every day. She has written for various magazines, books, and Bible studies, and teaches the story of God in women’s Bible study. Her stories tell of how we can experience real faith in our everyday lives.

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