Malaysia has two separate parts or peninsulas in the South China Sea.  It is a lush tropical rain forest, exporting rubber, palm oil, petroleum and forest and agricultural products, as well as an increasingly hi-tech manufacturing which has boosted the economy.  The majority is Muslim with the second largest religion being Chinese.  For the first time, Christians are able to network as never before across denominational and racial lines, but Islam has also been on […]
Malawi is in Central Africa next to Tanzania and Mozambique.  It is a densely populated country with little development, cycles of drought and heavy rainfall, and widespread AIDS.  They became independent from Britain in 1964 and were ruled by a ruthless dictator for the next 30 years.  Today it is more stable and peaceful than in its violent past, and there has been much outreach and evangelical growth.  However, AIDS is the leading cause of […]
Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique.  Much of the population lives in poverty after their land was destroyed through over-use of farming and forestry.  Though there is freedom of religion, the old Malagasy folk religion remains pervasive.  The four mainline churches have great influence but the government and traditional churches are suspicious of the emergence of younger, more charismatic groups. The Protestant Churches of the past have had […]


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