Pray for Our World: Rwanda

Rwanda is located in central Africa.  Due to the ethnically motivated genocides of the past, the government abolished all ethnicity as a means of identification.  Everyone now is only Rwandan, and cannot be referred to as Hutu or Tutsi.  The government has been working toward rebuilding infrastructure and making the country safe again. The current parliament is more than 50% female, the world’s highest rate.  Coffee, tea, and foreign aid are the dominant income sources, though the government hopes to reduce dependence on foreign aid.

The country is still trying to recover from the 1994 genocide that claimed up to one million lives. This also reshaped the religious scene.  The Catholic Church lost much credibility during this time by failing to adequately oppose the evil and speak against the ethnic hatred.  It should also be noted that many of the righteous Catholic, including priests and nuns, did lay down their lives to protect others.  But many others failed to intervene or help.  Evangelicals began to grow rapidly in the aftermath due to their aid programs and message of hope for all regardless of tribe.  Pray for all the churches there, that they will unite and continue to help the people move forward with the hope and the help they desperately need.

Pray for Our World: Nigeria

There are over 520 ethnic groups in Nigeria.  Crude oil and gas are the main exports.  Yet most of this income has been wasted on corrupt rulers and illegal business.  They have been independent from Britain since 1960.  Preferential treatment is given to Muslims in the north while Christians in the south are discriminated against.  Violent Islamist groups have persecuted Christians resulting in hundreds of churches burned and many Christians killed.  Since 1999 Muslims have imposed shari’a law in the northern states where Islam is the majority.

Just looking at statistics alone, Muslim countries are far worse off economically and in human rights violations.  The evidence speaks for itself.  Where there are Christians, there is more aid, more help, more literacy, and better standard of living.  If you had to choose a faith based on actions and evidence, and not by name, Christianity would stand out above the rest.  Christianity at its core is about serving and loving others, where Islam is about personal power and dominance.

Pray for Our World: Niger

Niger is in the middle of the Sahara Desert in Africa.  It is one of the world’s poorest nations and near the bottom of the Human Development Index.  Most people barely survive on agriculture and livestock.  Droughts and locust plagues have devastated the land.  There is religious freedom with very little restriction on missions, but tensions are high between Muslim and Christian groups.  Many churches have been planted with an emphasis on humanitarian aid.  Yet, Muslim groups put pressure on believers, despite the aid the Christians bring.  Many believers are illiterate and have little Bible teaching available, and become isolated.  Pray for their education, their humanitarian needs, and to find fellowship and encouragement among other believers.

Pray for Our World: Namibia

Namibia is a very dry land above South Africa.  They were a German colony from 1883 to 1915, and then received their independence from South African rule in 1990.  There is still much poverty and the life expectancy rate is 60 years.  Lutheran and Anglican missionaries had given birth to many large revivals and denominations in the 19th century, but since then, the German and South African rule, apartheid, communism and terrorism have left many without faith.  Pray for revival and that the country may find forgiveness and peace from past actions and able to move forward with hope.

Pray for Our World: Mozambique

Mozambique is located in the southeast corner of the African continent, across from the island of Madagascar.  It is one of the poorest countries in the world, resulting from years of colonial predation, Marxist government, guerrilla warfare, civil war and natural disasters, famine, floods and AIDS.  They are heavily dependent on foreign aid.

Between 1975 and 1982 the extreme Marxist government attempted to root out Christianity.  The country has certainly seen the effect of this attempt.  Since then, there has been religious freedom and the country is growing in their Christian faith and have enjoyed peace after years of war.  They urgently need Christian leadership training and literature.  Please pray that this country will reach out to God as the one who can heal their land.