Pray for Our World: Myanmar

Myanmar is surrounded by India, China and Thailand. It is very diverse ethnically, with eight major national races, 135 sub-groups and tribes, and many more smaller tribes and language groups.  Even though the land is richly blessed with teak forests, fertile soil, precious gems and minerals and offshore oil, most people live in poverty surviving on less than $1 day.  It is largely a Buddhist country, with the church having great suffering and repression.  Even so, there is growth in the church and openness of the Monks to learn about Jesus.  However, Buddhism incorporates a lot of superstition and their devotion is strong in a culture that is against leaving Buddhism.  Pray that the Christians will be able to understand the Buddhist mindset and minister to the people to show them true freedom and God’s love.

Pray for Our World: Maldives

Maldives are a small group of coral islands southwest of Sri Lanka in the Indian ocean.  The average size of the 202 inhabited islands are less than 1 sq km, and average elevation is one meter.  Tourism and fishing dominate the economy.  Islam is the only recognized religion, and the practice of other religions is forbidden.  There are less than 600 Christians in the entire country, including Protestant, Independent and Catholic.

Behind the facade of island paradise and peaceful Islam lies a much darker reality.  They have one of the highest divorce rates in the world, there is rising crime and gang activity, abuse of children and endemic drug use among teens (possibly up to 70%).  They do not honor human rights or religious freedoms, and there is usually a correlation between the two.  Those countries with religious freedom have a better economy and better human rights record.

Please pray for this country.  The Gospel was translated into the native language back in 1811 and then subsequently was lost or destroyed soon after.  Only the Gospel of Luke and Acts are currently available to them, though it is highly illegal at this time.

Pray for Our World: Malaysia

Malaysia has two separate parts or peninsulas in the South China Sea.  It is a lush tropical rain forest, exporting rubber, palm oil, petroleum and forest and agricultural products, as well as an increasingly hi-tech manufacturing which has boosted the economy.  The majority is Muslim with the second largest religion being Chinese.  For the first time, Christians are able to network as never before across denominational and racial lines, but Islam has also been on the increase.  Pray for the Christian community as they face many obstacles from government, Islam, political, economic, and social barriers.

Pray for Our World: Laos

Laos is a narrow, landlocked land between Thailand and Vietnam.  It is a complex mix of 143 ethnic groups.  Independent from France in 1954, the Vietnamese communist forces were in complete control by 1975.  Religious restrictions have eased somewhat but churches and Christians are still watched and targeted.

There is rapid church growth led by the indigenous Laotians, but they need training and leaders.  Missionaries are forbidden, and media is obstructed by the government.  Pray that this will change so that they may have access to the truth and the freedom to choose.

Pray for Our World: Kyrgyzstan

The silk road, an ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean.

Kyrgyzstan became independent from USSR in 1991.  They have struggled to stabilize since then and are still very poor.  They have had a tragic history over the years from Christians who slaughtered their ancestors to imposed Islam and Communism.  There are still government restrictions and scrutiny on religious groups.  The majority is Muslim with about 5% Christian.

Pray for the local churches, the unity of Christians there, and for resources that show them the truth that God’s love has for them.