The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is a large island 80 km southwest of India. They gained their independence from Britain in 1948, and were engaged in civil war up until 2009. Buddhism is the national religion, and is protected and promoted. Christianity is perceived as foreign, and evangelism as an unethical way of conversion. Missionaries have all but ended due to restriction of visas. Christian literature is in great demand. Literacy is high […]
Singapore is a small island off the tip of the Malaysian peninsula. It is Asia’s cleanest and greenest area, and among the wealthiest countries per capita and highest standards of living. The economy is heavily export-dependent. There are 95 racial groups, and although there is freedom of religion, government policies strongly influence the preserving of ethnic and religious harmony which sometimes goes against freedom of speech. Religions are just as varied as the racial and […]
The Philippines is a rather small geographical area with 7250 islands and over 700 of them inhabited with 94 million people.  Their main export is people! Filipinos are hard working and highly skilled, but there are too few work opportunities at home.  Over 8 million live abroad as nurses, engineers, domestic servants, nannies and seamen.  Filipino seamen are the largest group from any nation.  On my last vacation cruise, the entire crew was from the […]


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