Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China.  It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, and one of the richest due to rapid growth of free markets, having one of the busiest container ports, and low taxes and non-interference from the government. The British obtained Hong Kong from China in the Opium Wars of 1840-58.  China resumed control again in 1997, and their constitution guarantees Hong Kong can keep their existing legal, political and economic structures for 50 years, including religious freedom.  China is still responsible for their defense and foreign policies under the “One Country, Two Systems” policy.  What remains to happen when this expires in 2047 is unknown.  Hong Kong is currently […]
“By 2030, China will almost certainly have more Christians than any other country”, according to Fenggang Yang, director of the center on religion and Chinese society at Purdue University.  While we do not know the exact number of Christians in China and many keep silent about it, I think we would be surprised to know just how much God is working behind the scenes in China.  Christianity did not appear in China until the 7th century during the Tang dynasty.  Because they were so closed off from the rest of the world, they did not hear about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus until 700 years later. China is an ancient and complex nation.  It is the third largest […]
Cambodia lies between Thailand and Vietnam.  It is a fertile, forest-covered state on the Mekong River.  It is also one of the poorest countries and heavily dependent on foreign aid.  Years of war and genocide and corrupt government have hindered their development.  The sex trade is also common here.  Buddhism has been the national religion since the 15th century.  The Khmer Rouge (Cambodian Communists) sought to eradicate all religion in the 1960’s.  90% of Buddhist monks and most Christians perished.  The genocide of 1975-1979 killed nearly two million people and most of the population over the age of 30.  Since 1990 Christians have been allowed to worship openly with some limitations, and there has been significant Christian growth.  Please pray […]


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Sue McCusker is a writer, Bible teacher, and web developer who loves to share the stories of life, hope, and faith she sees around her every day. She has written for Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines, and teaches the story of God in women's Bible study.