Pray for Our World: Estonia

Estonia is one of the most successful of the post-Soviet economies.  Movement to a free market capitalist society has increased economic growth and foreign investments.  They now have complete religious freedom, which is an open door for Christianity but also for religious error.  Marginal groups such as Mormon have a large influence there, and most Estonians have a very limited Christian faith.

Pray for missionaries and the right tools and resources for the people to have access to the truth and light of Jesus Christ.

Pray for Our World: Denmark

Denmark is almost completely surrounded by the North Sea and Baltic Sea.  It has complete freedom of religion but the Lutheran Church is recognized as the national church and supported by the state.  It is mostly Christian Protestant with very few of Catholic or Islam faith which is unusual for a European country.  However, though professing Christians, few believe in a personal God and over half are considered agnostic or atheist.  Actual church attendance is around 2%.  The Lutheran Church has become ritualistic and dead.

Pray that the church will have a revival of hearts and that more missionaries and tools will be available to the people of Denmark.

Prayer succeeds when all else fails. Prayer has won great victories and has rescued, with notable triumph, God’s saints when every other hope is gone. – E.M. Bounds

Pray for Our World: Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a landlocked country between Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.  Emerging from the  communist regime in 1989, it rapidly democratized and has one of the most developed economies in central Europe with strong industry and manufacturing components.  But the long and turbulent history and the fact that it has not been a religious society for hundreds of years, has left a significant falling away and fading of religious influence in the society.

There are new churches and ministries springing up, especially with younger people.  Unfortunately the Catholic Church in this area has failed to play a relevant role in the new society after communism and is in rapid decline, unlike its neighboring countries of Poland and Slovakia.  The traditionalism of the Catholic Church in Czech Republic has made it a religion for old people, and younger people are not joining the church or the priesthood.

Pray for a new and renewed vision of Christianity in this country that has gone for several generations without any  religion in their society.

The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history. – Andrew Murray

Pray for Our World: Cyprus

Cyprus has a long history. It is first mentioned in the New Testament book of Acts as the native place of the apostle Barnabas, and it was also the scene of Apostle Paul’s first missionary journey.  The Orthodox Church, the major church in Cyprus, was founded by Paul.  It is different from the Roman Catholic Church in that it has no central doctrinal or governance authority similar to the pope.  In early Christianity, the Great Schism divided the (eastern) Orthodox and (western) Catholic churches.  The Orthodox Church is the only original church that was not derived from the Catholic church.  All other denominations came from the line of (western) Catholic churches.  Lutheran, Calvinists, and Baptists split early from the Catholic Church.  Episcopal, Methodists, and Pentecostal split later.  More of the Catholic rituals are evident in those that split later.

The island of Cyprus is divided between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the north and the Republic of Cyprus in the south.  The Christians are almost all in the south and Muslims in the north.  Cyprus is very religious for a European country, but it is mostly the older generation that attend the Orthodox Church.  Very few Greeks in the area are evangelicals.  The area is considered a haven for Christians in the middle east.

Pray that this land that Paul first visited and the home of one of the original disciples, will continue to be a haven and light for the Christ they followed and knew personally.

Pray for Our World: Croatia

Croatia is surrounded by Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea.  They are still recovering from Communist regime, wars between Serbs and Croatians, and have high unemployment, low wages, and high debt.  Income is about $15,000 per person.  Catholicism is the unofficial religion and many leaders in the Catholic Church are at the forefront of reconciliation and justice.  They have a higher percentage of Catholics attending mass than other European countries.  Pray that the Catholic Church and all Christian churches in the area are able to reach out to the people and provide the assistance they need.