Serbia is a landlocked Balkan state. It has two autonomous provinces, Kosovo in the south and Vojvodina in the north. It has a long history. Since its defeat to the Turks in 1389, Serbia has rarely been in an independent nation. It was ruled by the Ottomons and then Austria-Hungry, its ethnic nationalism helped trigger WWI and provoke genocidal civil war during WWII, then 45 years of communism, and the Balkan wars of the 1990’s. […]
Senegal is on the western coast of central Africa. It has been independent from France since 1960. Primarily an agricultural economy with peanuts as the main export, there is high unemployment and poverty. Senegal is a secular state with freedom of religion but the large Muslim majority has great influence in political and economic life. Because of this, the Christian presence and outreach is prevented from growing and there is a spiritual heaviness in the […]


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