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31 Days of the Christmas Story from Genesis to John: Day 2 – God chooses a man to begin a nation

Two thousand years have passed from Adam and Eve to the time when Abraham arrives on the scene.  That’s a long time.  Almost everything we know about the first 2000 years of humanity is recorded in the first eleven chapters of Genesis. While God … Continue reading

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In Jesus’ Words: Hunger (Matthew 14:15-21)

Most everyone has heard the story of Jesus feeding a crowd of 5,000 with five loaves and two fish.  It’s a great story about God’s provision, compassion and miracles.  I have not heard of anyone, scholar or skeptic, who can dispute this event actually happened, … Continue reading

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The Rocking Chair Experiment

Someone challenged me recently to “stop, drop and roll” every morning when I get out of bed.  They were referring to living a life of prayer, whereby we should stop as soon as we rise in the morning, drop to our … Continue reading

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I looked at the audience around me and saw people of every race, every color, and every nationality – all singing to God.  I imagined this is what heaven will be like, only grander. It was a Saturday night I wouldn’t soon … Continue reading

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To know God

Muslims say you cannot know God.  He is unknowable and unreachable.  Unlike the Christian God, Allah is a distant supreme being that cannot be known.  At best, all one can do is hope to gain Allah’s mercy when they die.  But it is … Continue reading

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