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How not to become bitter in your old age

I waited in the morning rush hour line at the local coffee shop.  My laptop was in one hand and my work bag in the other, while I searched around for my debit card.  An older gentleman stood beside me. “You can … Continue reading

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The bakery

I love this time of year.  Autumn brings in a cornucopia of colors, enticing scents of pumpkin spice and apples, and the anticipation of good things to come.  Even the weather has an air of serenity about it.  But mostly, I love the Autumn scents.  I wandered … Continue reading

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Of Only Happy Things

Today is such a beautiful day that it is fitting that I should only write of happy things. Snow is gently falling and my family is safely tucked inside the warmth of our house.  No where we need to go … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Sea ~ King of the Sandcastle Fort

I saw a young boy, about 3 years old, sitting in the sand.  He had made a fortress of sandcastles, shaped from those little plastic molds, all lined up around him on each side.  He was sitting in the middle of the fort … Continue reading

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Finding your happy year

Beautiful Monday running, while listening to a beautiful album by James Blunt, Back to Bedlam from 2004.  I was around 38 back then.  If I had to choose an age I wanted to be again, it would be 38, and it’s no coincidence … Continue reading

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