Do not judge…. this is not my favorite part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  It is one of the most misused and misquoted passages in the Bible.  People often like to use it as a “Get out of jail free” card.  It’s the rebuttal of many arguments, and ironically, many times the people who are quoting Jesus’ words are not even followers of Jesus.  Nevertheless, Jesus said it and it is worth looking into exactly what he meant. ~ Matthew 7:1-6  Do […]
Jesus genuinely cared about people.  No one could accuse him of not caring.  He never asked the crowds for their money.  He was never self-serving.  He was not political.  He did speak as someone who had authority, but that is the only thing he could be accused of. The answer to everything – our lives, our struggles, our questions – can be found in Jesus’ words that he has given to us.  So for a few minutes, tune out the noise from the […]
Prayer is the most powerful thing we have. It is the only thing, where we have a direct, immediate and continuous voice to God in Heaven.  It’s a two-way communication. Prayer is also a special privilege to Believers in Jesus Christ.  Jesus intercedes on our behalf to God.  I can only imagine the conversations that must be going on constantly – more airwaves than the internet!  But prayer is also a very serious thing.  It is not something we should take […]


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