I like to pack lightly – a selection of feel-good music, flip flops, running shoes, and of course, my books.  I don’t need much else when going to the sea.  It is a time to shed the layers of clothes, worries, and the to-do lists of our busy lives, and to realize just how little we do need instead of how much.  Rather than accumulating the latest of things, it is a time to let go of some things. My road trip down to the sea follows the same pattern.  As I leave the big city behind, my body begins to relax a little as I drive through the pleasant, flat farmlands of South Georgia, passing nothing but signs for pecans, peaches, and boiled peanuts.  I always turn on the radio about now, partly […]
It was a meeting of the great minds of our times last week, as I had the opportunity to listen to the various speakers at Chick-fil-A’s Leadercast session in Atlanta.  It was inspiring.  Their bits of wisdom and optimism spoke of things each of us can do right now, today, wherever we are, to make a difference and do great things.  I would like to pass along some of their thoughts here, and also to keep for myself – to remind me when I need it most. Andy Stanley – author, speaker, pastor.  After working as an associate pastor and student minister at First Baptist Atlanta, he and five others founded North Point Community Church in 1995.  It has now grown to five campuses, over 24,000 attendees weekly, the second largest church […]
It’s all just noise anyway.  That’s what I’m thinking while listening to Matchbox Twenty’s More Than You Think You Are album (2002) while running today.  The discordant harmony bounces around in my head, searching for a melody, and it reminds me of just how much extra noise has cluttered my mind lately.  There’s the noise I sometimes tell myself, “I’m not good enough”, or the noise I listen to from others who want to discredit or tear me down, or just the plain old everyday noise from the abundance of our busy lives.  It can feel like arrows flying in all directions, so much that I hardly have a place to land my feet.  No wonder we trip.  It’s all just noise.  We have to get rid of some […]


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