Ghana is on the south-western coast of the Gulf of Guinea in Africa.  79% of the population earns less than $2 per day.  Yet, Ghana enjoys a rich Christian tradition.  With over 100 ethnic groups, there were only 5 Bible translations available in 1965.  Since then, the majority of Ghanaians have at least a New Testament translation and there is work in progress on every language in Ghana!  Hundreds of churches have been planted as […]
Germany is strategically placed in the center of Europe.  The post WWII recovery has become one of the world’s strongest economies.  With the inclusion of East Germany in the 1990’s, it led to high social security costs and a dip in the economy, but they are starting to recover.  Unemployment of over 3 million is still a concern, mostly in the east. As a new post-war generation is taking over the leadership, Germany is starting […]
Georgia is located on the Black Sea between Russia, Turkey and Armenia.  It is regarded as the world’s second-oldest Christian nation.  The Georgian Orthodox Church dates back to AD 150 and is considered almost a peer to Jesus and the apostles time period. Georgia became independent in 1991 after centuries of dominance by surrounding empires.  They still have some regions of the country where Russia remains a significant influence.  Since their independence and the collapse […]


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