New Zealand is composed of two mountainous main islands 1600 km southeast of Australia.  There is a high percentage of the people living overseas for work.  The majority come from British roots.  There is freedom of religion but no established church.  Their biggest religious threat to Christianity is not from other religions but from unbelief.  In 1951, only 1 percent of the population was non-religious.  In 2010, it has increased to 41 percent. Why?  Have […]
The Netherlands, and Amsterdam as its capital, has a rich history as a Christian nation – in its fight for religious freedom, ministry to refugees and Jews, and missions to other lands. You would not know that much today, as the country has turned its back on its Christian heritage.  There is religious freedom, but there is also freedom for just about anything else, and there is an increase in anti-discrimination legislation that goes against […]
Nepal is a mountainous Himalayan state between China and India.  It is a strongly Hindu state where Caste is still an important distinction.  One of the poorest countries, around one-third of people live on less than $1 US per day.  It is an ancient country that was once an isolated medieval kingdom.  This changed in 2008 as Nepal became a multiparty constitutional republic.  Still, there is much unrest among the government, and among the many […]


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