There’s no doubt it’s been a rough year. For some, even more than others, but all of us have been affected in some way. No other event in recent times has touched the entire world like this pandemic – all ages, demographics and races. Sadly, it seems to have divided us more than united us. And while much of the pandemic may be out of our control, there is something we can do; something that is in our control and will make us feel better.

Resolve to end the year well.

The situation around us may not be where we want to be, or what we’d hoped to be, but we can come out of this year feeling and doing better than the pre-March times. I remember sitting at my desk at work for the last time on March 12. The New Year’s optimism had worn off, and we had settled into a familiar routine, maybe even a little boring as we talked about the usual things – trips we’re going to take, concerns with family or friends, and the business. It seems mundane and trivial now. We were a little on edge too, starting to hear of grocery lines getting long and how we may have to stay home for a few weeks until this thing passes. I left an hour early that day so I could get to the grocery store before the lines started building. I never went back to work after that. Well, not in the same way, anyway. As our world began to navigate through the chaos that ensued over the next several months, some things became clear. We needed to do better.

Make it count.

Our world has forever changed since pre-March. With a slower pace and less external distracters, we have a unique chance to be more honest with ourselves, and take a look at those things we’ve wanted to change or improve, but never had the time. We have now been given the gift of time, and a blank slate to create anew. It’s a time to reset, rethink, and redo. Maybe we want to try to be kinder or more patient, or to spend more quality time with our family, or just to rest. Perhaps it’s a time to work on our health – starting that exercise routine and eating better, or a time to dig deeper into our faith to see what that really means to us. Or maybe to finish that project we’ve always wanted to do. Whatever it is for you, pick a goal or two, and let’s come out of this year feeling better and stronger about ourselves. Because let’s face it, much of our pre-March life was just getting by, when we knew we could do better, and that life could be better.

A year of change can bring a lot of good.

Changes are hard, but in all my observations over the years, I’ve always seen people emerge better from change – a new job, a new adventure, a better life – than before. It’s no fun going through it, of course, but it is far worse to be stuck in life because we’re afraid of change. And when we’ve made it through this (and we will), it will feel good to know that we emerged a better, stronger person, and that we passed the test of humanity. We will have something good to show for it.

Whatever this year has brought you, let’s finish strong. When we look back, we will know that not only did we make it, we finished well. And we’ll have a story to tell.

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