I’m in awe. It is the most beautiful, complex, mesmerizing, mysterious thing I have seen. And we have a picture of it. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has given us the furthest and sharpest infrared image of our universe so far. The image is billions of light years away, approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length, and is filled with thousands of galaxies. (1)

God has shown us a small glimpse of the expanse and beauty of His creation and the heavens above.

Astronomers also recently detected a mysterious radio signal that is pulsing rhythmically “like a heartbeat” in deep space. It is an intensely strong flash of radio waves coming from an unknown point of origin. Most discovered signals like this only last a few milliseconds at most, but this new signal is much longer – about 3 seconds – making it the longest ever discovered. The burst of radio waves repeat every 200 milliseconds in a hearbeat-like rhythm. “There are not many things in the universe that emit strictly periodic signals,” says study co-author Daniele Michilli, an astrophysicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2)

God is the heartbeat of life. Even deep space echoes the sounds of God. It is mysterious, beautiful, and orderly. Not chaotic.

artist’s illustration of heartbeat signal in space

Yahweh is the proper name of the God of Israel in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, and is the name which the prophet Moses revealed to his people. The meaning of the name “Yahweh” has been interpreted as “He Who Makes That Which Has Been Made” or “He Brings into Existence Whatever Exists”. The letters YHWH are the Hebrew consonants that represent the breathing sounds or aspirant consonants. The combination of these letters produces a breathing sound. When the two syllable form YaH-WeH is pronounced without the intervening vowels which were added later, it actually sounds like breathing: YH (inhale), WH (exhale). (3)


With every breath, we are breathing the name Yahweh. Every cry and laughter, every living thing, and every word out of our mouth is speaking and breathing God’s name.


The Psalmist wrote: “Let everything that breaths praise the Lord. Hallelujah.” Psalm 150:6
Genesis 2:7 says: “The LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.” 


Jehovah is the Latin version of the Hebrew name Yahweh. Yahweh is one of the seven names of God in Judaism and one of the names of God in Christianity. In English, the name Yeshua is extensively used by followers of Messianic Judaism. East Syriac Christian denominations use the name Isho in order to preserve the Syriac name of Jesus.

All of these names, pronunciations, and pictures point to God as the very breath and heartbeat of life, in everything we do and breath. God is beautiful, good, and mysterious beyond our full understanding, yet also knowable through our own breath, actions and very being – from sitting at my little spot in my house to the very deepest parts of the universe. There is not a single place in our universe where God is not present and available to us. He is The God of the Universe, and truly holds the whole world in His hands.

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