“Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” 
(John 1:29)

What a bold statement! John the Baptist made this statement when he saw Jesus coming toward him. The word “Behold” in Biblical times was a strong word meaning “Wow, Look, don’t miss this!” And it was certainly bold to declare someone as one who “takes away the sin of the world.” Not just for a righteous few, or just for the Jews, but for the world – sins wiped clean, forgotten. Grace for all.

A lamb would also have special meaning to the Jews. Each year an unblemished lamb was sacrificed during Passover, as a remembrance when God had provided a lamb to Abraham for sacrifice. But Jesus was much more. He was the perfect, sacrificial lamb.

Religion in those days had also become a set of rules to follow. When Jesus came, he was not about rules, though we still sometimes like to pin rules and conditions to Jesus today. Jesus was about repentance. Repentance, not religion. Grace, not rules. He is the perfect lamb to take away our sin, and that is what we all need the most. Grace and forgiveness wrapped in love, and lying in a manger.





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