Pray for our World: Albania

Albania is part of the Balkan mountainous region on the Adriatic Sea next to Greece.  It is one of Europe’s two poorest nations.  Religion was not allowed in Communist Albania from 1967 until the fall in 1991.  A whole generation grew up with no religion.  The origins of Albania date back to the Byzantine era of the 11th century, in which they fully Christianized at that time.  After the fall of communism in the early 1990’s, the Albanian Church was reborn and has been growing thanks to evangelists in the area.  Still, about 2/3 of the country is Muslim.

Pray that the Albanians will be able to return to their Christian roots, for missionaries and the Gospel of Good News to reach them, and to lift up their economy and families as they continue to try to recover from a communist regime.


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