Australia faces many of the same issues I have read about in other developed countries.  There is a cultural and religious shift like we have not seen before in recent generations.  Australia, like many other countries, faces increasing pluralism and secularization, a decline in church attendance and striving to remain relevant. While two-thirds of Australians identify as Christian, only 10% regularly attend church.  To add to that, Sunday School is declining in churches and children are not being taught as they once were.

Alternative methods for reaching younger generations must be found.  The problem is not in the message itself, but in the relevance and authenticity of our methods.  Jesus’ message is still the answer.  But the world is watching closer now than ever before.  We must show them Jesus’ message of love and unity and forgiveness.  Jesus attracted crowds wherever he went.  He exuded joy and life.  Many Australian Christians are becoming more dynamic and strategic in their message, and a transition is becoming visible, but there is still a long way to go.  We must show the world once again the attractiveness of Jesus and his message.

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