Brazil has become a leading mission-sending nation as well as having one of the largest groups of missionaries there.  They are religiously open and enthusiastic toward faith, but have little preparation and support.  Recently a ministry in Atlanta hosted a team of women from Brazil.  The summary of that visit below shows the heartfelt attitudes of the Brazilian women.  There were tears in their eyes when they heard the complete story of the Bible being told.

“For the past week, we have hosted a team of 12 female leaders from Brazil to train them to be teachers of the newly translated Bible study Be Amazing. The leaders desired to become experts in the material so they could teach women and introduce the study to other churches.

They came to the United States with a purpose, but God had a different plan. The Big Dream Ministries’ teachers taught the various subjects from Titus 2:3-5 and the women learned a great deal. However, what they learned by observing us was far greater. They noticed when each teacher taught, we would open the Bible to teach and then give an explanation about what the Scripture meant. This pattern was repeated multiple times during the talks. This was a foreign concept to them. The Brazilian ladies knew bits and pieces of the Bible, but they were not comfortable handling the text for everyday life. They were hungry to learn more. They were willing to delay eating and sleeping in order to hear more about the Scriptures. They realized that they needed to return to the basics of the Bible, that being a student of God’s Word was the most important thing they could learn.

These precious ladies made big sacrifices to come to the United States to learn but are returning to Brazil with very full hearts and ready to share their newfound love for the Bible.”

– from The Amazing Collection, Big Dream Ministries

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