Pray for Our World: French Guinana

French Guiana is a sparsely inhabited jungle in northeast South America.  They have one of the most diverse flora and fauna with over 400,000 species.  The country is heavily subsidized by France, and their main export is gold.  Unemployment is 20%.  They have many challenges from people trafficking, illegal trade, and eroding moral standards.  Many people have been responsive to the increasing evangelicals in the area, especially Haitians, Amerindian tribes and Brazilians.  The least reached people include French Guianese Creole youth, Maroon tribes who live in the interior, and the French and European communities of which few are Christian.

Pray that more scripture will become available.  Biblica is developing the Gospels in Guyanese French Creole, and there is an audio-recording of the New Testament in several languages.

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