I started off the week running and listening to two of Jewel’s albums, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland (2006) and Perfectly Clear (2008).  They were cute, kind of like overly sweet syrup that ruins your pancakes.  A beautiful voice and a beautiful person, but it did not keep me running.  I like living a little more on the edge – to see more and feel more; not just to exist.  And I’ve made my mistakes too.  But those of us that have been broken, make mistakes, keep on climbing – those are the ones that truly understand compassion and humility for our fellow mankind, not the ones riding the white horses.  And I’ve seen a lot too.  Not much takes me by surprise anymore, except those times that I’ve seen the face of pure evil.  Those things I never get used to, but by all means, seeing those things will make you want to soak up all of God’s graces like it was your last drink of water.  So, Jewel, sorry but you only get an honorable mention here.  I had to keep running until I found something that stirs the soul a little more, and here it is: Rebecca Ferguson’s album Heaven from 2011, and a song called Glitter & Gold.



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