Now Jesus summoned His disciples and said, “I have compassion on the crowd, because they’ve already stayed with Me three days and have nothing to eat. I don’t want to send them away hungry; otherwise they might collapse on the way.” – Matthew 15:32 Jesus had compassion.  He loved being with people.  He encouraged them.  He fed them.  The miraculous feeding of thousands of people is the only miracle recorded in all four gospels, except for the Resurrection.  It wasn’t the raising of the dead or healing the blind that captured the attention of so many people.  It was feeding them. This event would be equivalent today of filling an entire stadium with people, who have come to hear […]
Jesus performed many miracles in his time, but the miracles were not intended for believers.  They were to help them believe.  As Christians today, we sometimes expect miracles as a sign of our faith.  I first thought about listing some of the miracles I have experienced in my lifetime, but then I realized it is easy for me to see God’s wonders in the world because I believe.  But what about miracles for the non-believer, to help them believe?  That list was harder for me to come up with.  Jesus still performs miracles today, but it is often through his faithful servants that these miracles are shown.  Here are a few miracles I’ve seen for non-believers: A mother prays for her prodigal son for twenty-five years. He is found unresponsive; no one knows how […]

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Sue McCusker is a writer, Bible teacher, and web developer who loves to share the stories of life, hope, and faith she sees around her every day. She has written for Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines, and teaches the story of God in women's Bible study.