It’s all just noise anyway.  That’s what I’m thinking while listening to Matchbox Twenty’s More Than You Think You Are album (2002) while running today.  The discordant harmony bounces around in my head, searching for a melody, and it reminds me of just how much extra noise has cluttered my mind lately.  There’s the noise I sometimes tell myself, “I’m not good enough”, or the noise I listen to from others who want to discredit or tear me down, or just the plain old everyday noise from the abundance of our busy lives.  It can feel like arrows flying in all directions, so much that I hardly […]
I’ve had Coldplay running through my head for days now – not the cold type, but the musical group. I was listening to their album during one of my runs last week – A Rush of Blood to the Head, from 2002.  Their rhythm is precise and methodical.  It has a familiar, monotonic beating of chords that stays repetitively in your head for awhile.  Their music always reminds me of science and order and logic, so it was not too surprising to see that one of their songs from this album is called The Scientist.  My math and science-minded background fits right into this type of melody, always questioning and analyzing, trying to […]
Beautiful Monday running, while listening to a beautiful album by James Blunt, Back to Bedlam from 2004.  I was around 38 back then.  If I had to choose an age I wanted to be again, it would be 38, and it’s no coincidence that this is such a beautiful album from that time too.  At 38, I could finally see that.. yeah, it all turns out ok in the end.  I had enough experience behind me and enough hope in front of me.  I had learned how to forgive, including myself, and I learned how to let go.  I realized it’s ok not to be skinny.  In fact, confidence is much […]
I started off the week running and listening to two of Jewel’s albums, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland (2006) and Perfectly Clear (2008).  They were cute, kind of like overly sweet syrup that ruins your pancakes.  A beautiful voice and a beautiful person, but it did not keep me running.  I like living a little more on the edge – to see more and feel more; not just to exist.  And I’ve made my mistakes too.  But those of us that have been broken, make mistakes, keep on climbing – those are the ones that truly understand compassion and humility for our fellow […]


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