I haven’t fully rested in 18 years, until now.  If you are a mom, then no explanation is needed.  From the moment my son was born until he walked across the stage at his high school graduation, I have not rested.  Oh sure, I did sleep a little during those years, but not the complete, all-consuming, peaceful, not-a-care-in-the-world sleep that I got the day after his graduation.  Now I just sit on the couch numb.  And when I am not in this new blissful cosmic state, I have only three words to say… Thank you, God.

Every day that I dropped my son off at school, I would pray to God as I drove away.  I prayed for my son’s safety, his school work, and his friends.

I prayed about where I should send him to his first school.  What would be best for him?  God showed me a small Christian school in the area that had just opened up.

I prayed for transportation to and from school while I worked, since there was no bus available for his school.  Every year, God provided wonderful people to carpool with, and in later years, to allow my workplace to let me leave early to pick him up.

When middle school got tough, I prayed for wisdom and patience.  I prayed for guidance in searching for the right high school.  We found one that met his needs.

When jobs were uncertain, God always provided a way to pay the tuition.

When homework became frustrating, God provided wonderful teachers who stepped in to help.

I survived him learning to drive.

Just as parents delight in their kids coming to them and talking about their day, God also delights in our prayers to Him.

And I am still walking around the house saying, Thank You God, when I’m not taking a long overdue nap.

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