Today, I pray for my son, and for all moms praying for their sons.  It is a special thing, when I hear another mom talk about her son.  Mine is beginning his last year of high school, and my prayer is simple and direct.  I pray for safety always, and for God’s guidance in those small but impactful decisions he will begin to make this year, and to finish school strong.

Whew!  The journey has not always been easy up to this point, but I can look back and clearly see God’s hand and blessings through the smiles and tears over the years.  I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to keep my son in a Christian school since pre-K.  It has been a year-by-year faith, not always knowing if we would be able to continue paying the tuition for the next year, or if I could work out the transportation with my full-time job.  But God always provided in wonderfully amazing ways; sometimes even to the surprise of my co-workers.  Twelve years ago, I could not have even imagined how we would get to this point on the journey.  God eagerly wants us to know Him, and nothing can stop God when we earnestly seek Him in our lives.

I am reminded of the last few years, when I would drop my son off at his church youth group on Wednesday evenings and would hear the music and activity coming from the building. I was overwhelmed with the thought that Good is being created here.  I could feel it in the air.  There was something special here; God’s presence among all these young people.  Yes, Good was being created here.  As I drove away after dropping off my son, I would always say a prayer of thanks to God, for the opportunity and comfort that this church provided, and especially that God would bless the youth pastor and his family who so tirelessly and lovingly gave to all these students.  It is probably the most unselfish prayer I have ever prayed, for the blessings to be poured out to someone else’s family whom I don’t even know.


Good created here… hundreds of high school youth releasing balloons and prayers and hopes and futures up to Heaven. (photo courtesy of First Baptist Church Woodstock GA)

Multiply the good, and its light will outshine the darkness.
little feet


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