It’s been awhile, I think to myself as I step out to run today, alone.  Scrolling through my song lists to see where I left off in my running journey, I come to Third Day’s Offerings album.  Well, I guess it’s just me and God today, I say as I select the album and start my run.  No distractions and no one to discuss the day’s work or other daily annoyances.  I begin to enjoy this time alone, running with God.  This is nice, I think to myself.  I haven’t had this much solitary time in my runs in many years.  I fall into a cadence while my feet traverse through the familiar streets and sidewalks which I have traveled on foot for many years.  The old, familiar songs start to come back to me – King of Glory, These Thousand Hills, My Hope is You.

This album from Third Day came out in 2000.  Where was I then, 13 years ago?  Y2K, a 5-year old son starting kindergarten, before 9/11, before job changes and breast cancer scares, before things became more complicated and then became easier again.  It brings tears to my eyes, with thoughts that are humbling, repentful, and grateful.  I think when we die and meet God, the first emotion we will have besides the indescribable awe, will be humbleness.  Humbleness for seeing our position next to an almighty God, for all those times we did not see or trust Him when He was right there with us, and for all those petty things that really didn’t matter in the end.  We can each fill in our own list here.  Will it really matter then that we had a 5,000 square foot house, or more clothes in our closets than we needed, or that prestigious job that took all of our time?  How did we treat people?  Humbleness, and maybe some regret is what I think I will feel.

I continue my running, though my thoughts are a little unsettled today.  And then I begin to see, that of a loving God, who wants us to trust Him, who knows what is best for us, and who wants to be with us.  The Creator and the created.  God, who knows the future, and myself, who does not even know what is around the next corner in my run or within the next hour.  But together, me and God.  Just like 13 years ago, God knows then and He knows now.  I do not remember why I bought this particular album back then, but it has been a nice reminder for me on this day.  And I hear God say to me, “I got this. Go back to work now with a rested mind.”

An hour later back in the office, I receive a surprise email about a new job restructuring  coming soon to my area.  After experiencing the usual range of emotions that we all have at times, I remember what God had just said to me.  God knew this was coming.  He’s got this worked out, and my mind is rested.  Do I still believe what God has said during the certain times is also true during the uncertain times?  Yes I must; otherwise it means very little to only trust God during the good times.  For how can we believe in a God who created you and I and everything in the universe, and raised Jesus from the dead, yet not also believe that He knows the future and wants the best for us in that future?  It would equivalent to only believing in a partial God.  We must believe in all of God, and know that all of God is good.  No matter what, He is always walking with us, the Creator and the created.


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