Pray for Our World: Argentina

Argentina has an interesting history.  It is the second largest country in Latin America with a varied range of climate and topography.  It went from being one of the world’s richest countries in 1900 to an almost total economic meltdown in the 1970’s, due to inept governments.  Since 1983, there has been a large-scale evangelism renewal thanks to Argentinean evangelists, missionaries and Christian leaders.  The country is a majority Christian Protestant, but it has begun to have one of the world’s highest Mormon populations.  Mormonism is silently expanding in large numbers in Latin American countries.  Buenos Aires also has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world, as Argentina was a haven for Jews after World War II.  There are many Messianic assembles there as well.

Pray for the continuation of Christian missionaries, evangelists and leaders in Argentina who help spread the Gospel of Jesus to our world.

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