Pray for Our World: Poland

Poland is in central Europe, surrounded by seven other countries and the Baltic Sea. Throughout its history, it has been divided and occupied by many nations. One quarter of the population died in World War II. Communist rule was imposed in 1945, but this led to much poverty and turmoil. The Solidarity Movement protests in 1989 led to a democracy, and the country continues to see progress.

The Roman Catholic Church played an important role in the Polish culture during the Russian imperialism and Soviet communism. Poland is considered one of the most religious states in Europe. However, Catholic mass attendance is down, just like in most areas of the world. Polish Catholicism is also particularly noted for their devotion to Mary as the spiritual queen and co-redemptor and intercessor between humanity and Jesus. While Mary can be revered as an honored and blessed woman, Jesus is the One who died on the cross so that He could be our Savior! Pray that the people of Poland will see Jesus as their rightful Savior.

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