Pray for Our World: United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is located on the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, and includes seven emirates, with Dubai being one of the most popular.  The massive presence of expatriate workers makes it hard to determine statistics of the Arab population.  Islam is the state religion but there are admirably high levels of religious freedom for an Arab state.  However proselytism is still illegal.  The majority are Muslim, then Hindu, and then about 8% are Christian.  Increasing numbers of people are coming to Christ from other backgrounds – Arabs, South Asians, East Asians and others.  Radical changes in the last generation have created a culture crisis, and the younger generation hangs in the balance.  Will they have a spiritual hunger for truth or just the trappings of a wealthier lifestyle?  There are many Christian ministries there through foreign workers and Christian hospitals and clinics.  Pray that the light of Christ will shine through to the people, so that they may know that Jesus is here for them.

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