This excerpt is taken from Women of Faith blog by Kramer Rasmussen.  If you only have time for the sound bites at times just like me, then I have highlighted a few of them below.  These are good reminders for me throughout the day in the life of a teenager, which we all know is a different situation every single day and sometimes moment by moment.  It helped me to see life through their eyes.  Isn’t that the greatest gift?

  • At school I felt like I was worthless, but my parents added value to who I was by respecting me and giving me a voice in the little things.
  • Prayer is, hands down, the most powerful force on the planet. If you want to help make a situation right for your child, pray for them.
  • You cannot stay angry with someone you are praying for.
  • I have found that if you have good food, take interest in the kids’ lives, and go out of your way to serve them, they will be more responsive to you in the one-on-one times and genuinely want to keep coming back.
  • Don’t limit what God wants to do in your child’s life by stepping in at every turn. God will take care of your child because he or she is His child too. Create an atmosphere where your child wants to come to you. This comes by listening when they speak and waiting until they are finished to give your wisdom. Be the strong parent, but listen with compassion.


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