The Ascent

This one seemed fitting to listen to for a rainy Monday jog:  Norah Jones, Come Away with Me, 2008 (song: Shoot the Moon).  It is February, in the dead middle of winter, and I am anxiously awaiting for some sign of spring to appear.  It is easy to let things pile up during the winter – the worries and weight of it all.  As I plod along on my jog today, I am reminded of the ethereal experience of diving down into the cold, turbid waters, perhaps going a little deeper than I should sometimes, and then beginning to feel those same waters slowly smooth and strip away the worries of the day.  I turn and start my ascent back to the surface, swimming just a little harder now, and soon I lift my head above the water and catch that first breath of air.  That is life.  Just breathe.  The rest will take care of itself.

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