Mary and Joseph, Christmas story
Day 18 – Joseph is engaged to Mary. The Christmas story now switches to the book of Matthew for more details about Mary’s engagement to Joseph. The author Matthew was originally a tax collector by trade, an occupation that was considered the lowest class of sinners in those days. Yet Jesus chose to dine with him and his rebellious group of friends in Matthew’s home, an act that would have been improper to associate with such sinners. After the dinner party with Jesus, Matthew gives up everything he has to follow Jesus and becomes one of his twelve disciples. In the beginning of the book of Matthew, he lists the genealogy from Abraham to King David, and from David to […]
King Jehoiachin - Christmas Story Devotional
Day 5 – King Jehoiachin’s curse. This is a little-known story in the Bible, and yet it makes all the difference in the world. The fate of the nation of Israel and the much talked about prophecy of the Messiah seemed to be doomed after some unfortunate events occur. The nation of Israel fell on hard times after King David’s reign. Their hopes and dreams to be a great nation that would be a blessing to all nations was shattered. By about 600 BC, the nation had become divided and exiled from their homeland because of their idolatry and worship of other gods, something God had specifically warned them against. The magnificent temple that David’s son, King Solomon, had built […]

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