It seems unlikely, right?  Most of us talk to God one way or another, whether we’re in a crisis or a joyous celebration, or just for wishful thinking.  But that is not exactly true for some.  Can you imagine if you couldn’t talk to God?

I had the opportunity recently to meet two people from Iran, both of whom are pastors now.  I agreed to keep their information private for their safety.  What surprised me the most is what they said about their view of God before they became Christians.  They were taught as Muslims growing up in Iran that you could only talk to God in Arabic.  That is all that God hears and understands.  They read, memorized, and quoted the Quran only in Arabic.  They could only pray to God in Arabic.  But the problem was they did not understand or speak Arabic; their native language was Persian.

They wanted to talk to God, but did not know how.  It was equivalent to being told you had to speak to God in French, but you didn’t know the French language.

Then their faces began to light up as they started talking about Jesus.  They stood up taller and you could see their excitement as they continued to talk.  It was as if they had found some valuable prize or mystery that was previously unknown to them.  With limited English, one of them talked about his broken childhood and abandoned father, the drug use, and the hopelessness of his situation.  Then he became choked up as he began to talk about God the Father…

God is my Father, he exclaimed!  I can speak to Him in my language and he understands me!

It is something that many of us take for granted.
I was truly humbled and even a little embarrassed as I thought about some of the trivial things I sometimes complain about or take for granted in my country.

My Father

little feet  In remembrance of the 12 victims of the Washington DC Navy Yard shooting yesterday.

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