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31 Days of the Christmas Story from Genesis to John

Experience a new and exciting appreciation for the ancient Christmas story we celebrate today. The story of Jesus and the meaning behind the celebration of Christmas is woven throughout the entire Bible – from the beginning of mankind in Genesis to the resurrection of Jesus as told by the apostle John some 4000 years later.

A Christmas Story Devotional - 31 Days of the Christmas Story from Genesis to John
Follow along for the 31 days of December and experience a new and exciting appreciation […]
Abraham - 31 Days of the Christmas Story from Genesis to John
Day 2 – God chooses Abraham to begin a nation. Two thousand years have now […]
Christmas Story Devotional - Tribe of Judah
Day 3 – God chooses the tribe of Judah. Abraham is chosen by God and […]
King David - Christmas Story
Day 4 – God chooses David to be King. From the time of Abraham, Isaac, […]
King Jehoiachin - Christmas Story Devotional
Day 5 – King Jehoiachin’s curse. This is a little-known story in the Bible, and […]
Daniel prophecy, A Christmas Story Devotional
Day 6 – Daniel’s prophecy. Daniel from the Bible is still a well-known figure today, […]
Isaiah Bible prophecy - A Christmas Story Devotional
Day 7 – A child is prophesied. One-third of the Bible is prophecy, and it […]
Messiah as a servant - A Christmas Story Devotional
Day 8 – Messiah as a servant. The prophet Isaiah gives us a vivid description […]
Four servant songs of Isaiah
Day 9 – Came for all people. There are four servant songs in the book […]
A Christmas Story Devotional
Day 10 – Salvation through His death. Harper Lee was the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of […]
Bethlehem, A Christmas Story Devotional
Day 11 – Place of birth is prophesied. Micah was another Hebrew prophet that was […]
John the Baptist, A Christmas Story Devotional
Day 12 – Expect a forerunner. The prophet Malachi gives us the last recorded words […]
Qumran cave, dead sea scrolls
Day 13 – An angel visits Zechariah. Four hundred years of silence from God spans […]
Angel Gabriel, Mary, Christmas story
Day 14 – Gabriel visits Mary.   Therefore, the Lord Himself will give you a […]
Mary and Elizabeth, Christmas story
Day 15 – Mary visits Elizabeth.   For My name will be great among the […]
John the Baptist, Christmas Story Devotional
Day 16 – John the Baptist is born.   “For I am about to do […]
prophecies of Jesus Christ
Day 17 – Fulfillment of the prophecies.   The anticipation is beginning to build in […]
Mary and Joseph, Christmas story
Day 18 – Joseph is engaged to Mary. The Christmas story now switches to the […]
Mary and Joseph, A Christmas Story Devotional
Day 19 – An angel visits Joseph. When Joseph heard the news that Mary was […]
Caesar Augustus, Christmas Story Devotional
Day 20 – Caesar sends a decree. Luke 2:1-3 In those days a decree went […]
Day 21 – Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem. Luke 2:4-5 Joseph also went up […]
Names of Jesus, Christmas Devotional
Day 22 – Names of Jesus. Mary and Joseph traveled about 70-90 miles from Nazareth […]
Christmas tree, Christmas story
Day 23 – Celebrations. “I am Yahweh who sets you apart, the One who brought […]
birth of Jesus
Day 24 – The birth of Jesus. On a quiet unsuspecting night, the Savior came […]
angels, christmas story devotional
Day 25 – The angels announce to the shepherds. From the Gospel of Luke, chapter […]
mary and joseph, christmas story devotional
Day 26 – The shepherds tell their story. Christmas Day may be over but the […]
Simeon and Anna, Rembrandt painting, Christmas story
Day 27 – Simeon and Anna in the temple. The first revelation that the Messiah […]
Wise Men, Christmas story devotional
Day 28 – Wise men arrive. The Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem. Mary, Joseph, and […]
wise men, christmas story devotional
Day 29 – Wise men worship Jesus. Matthew 2:9-12 And there it was – the […]
Day 30 – Three prophecies complete the birth story of the Messiah. These three prophecies […]
Jesus at the tomb, Christmas story devotional
Day 31 – A Kingdom with no end. “A father to the fatherless, a defender […]

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