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I pass by this little church on my drive home from work in the evenings. […]
I’m in awe. It is the most beautiful, complex, mesmerizing, mysterious thing I have seen. […]
The events of last week have left me stunned and in shock, as if I’m […]
I’ve discovered a little known part to a Christmas story that often gets overlooked in […]
Before leaving on my trip to Bangkok, Thailand, I asked God to show me His people while I […]
My first experience after arriving in Bangkok was the taxi driver who was taking me from […]
“Don’t be afraid, but keep on speaking and don’t be silent.  For I am with […]
“What is truth?” Pontius Pilot famously asked of Jesus. (John 18:38) “Is this true?” the high priest […]
Someone challenged me recently to “stop, drop and roll” every morning when I get out […]
I sat in my favorite seaside restaurant enjoying a platter of fried catfish and hush […]
One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting on the floor listening to this Christmas album […]
It’s been a little disheartening this Christmas season to not see as many decorations and lights […]
I had the hardest job to do this week at work: to apologize.  I can handle any work […]
I’ve been shopping for a new dining room table to replace the old table that’s […]
A wealthy Christian man who lost everything in a financial downturn was asked if he […]
“For a couple of years it was just me and Jesus.  I thought we were […]
I had been helping my son John study for his algebra final exam all afternoon. […]
And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build […]
I looked at the audience around me and saw people of every race, every color, and […]
I love this time of year.  Autumn brings in a cornucopia of colors, enticing scents of pumpkin spice and […]
“Come on, we’re late!” I yelled as I hurried my young son up the stairs […]
Someone once asked me, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” I replied, “It […]
If you’ve lived more than a few years into adulthood then you probably remember the […]
I saw the blue lights on my way to work this morning.  They were not […]
“There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God; for anyone who enters God’s […]
I first became aware of the phrase, “Keeper of the Stories” when I began to research […]
I held the small baby in my arms, only ten weeks old at the time.  Sitting […]
I haven’t fully rested in 18 years, until now.  If you are a mom, then […]
Once a year I take a vacation day from work, spend a couple hundred dollars […]
In recent anticipation of the looming tornadoes across the south, I decided to pack my bag. […]
Twice in my lifetime the doctors have been wrong.  Don’t misunderstand me, I believe in […]
Stories are powerful.  People relate to them easily.  I have found that people remember stories […]
Life is fascinating, isn’t it?  Millions of people at any one time, moving in sync, […]
It finally happened. That one day when you know you’re getting older and you’re no longer […]
Here in the southeast area of the country, we received two unusually harsh winter storms in the […]
Today is such a beautiful day that it is fitting that I should only write […]
As I sit here on Christmas Eve, the anticipation begins to build.  No matter if you […]
“Maggie darted about like a black-stockinged bird, in search of wood for the fireplace. She and […]
Shopping for jeans in the wintertime is about as depressing as shopping for swimsuits in […]
On my daily commute to work this morning, I began to think about the day’s work and all […]
Today, I pray for my son, and for all moms praying for their sons.  It […]
Paul to King Agrippa in Rome: Why should it be thought incredible by you that […]
Dear Mary and Theresa, I knew your Daddy best when we were both in 4th […]
“To see myself as beautiful as God sees me.”  It’s a little twist on words, […]
We need rock stars.  All kinds, not only those that can bang out a tune […]
With the unimaginable tragedy that happened this week with Oklahoma’s 200 mph tornado, I found that I […]
It was a meeting of the great minds of our times last week, as I had the opportunity […]
A small, intricate shelf sits just inside the front door of my house.  I call it my teacup […]
It’s been nine years since my grandmother passed away.  I still think of her, but […]
This excerpt is taken from Women of Faith blog by Kramer Rasmussen.  If you only […]
To the older man in the gym today.. (this does not apply to any of […]
Retold from a friend…  I was in Trader Joe’s grocery today and overheard some people […]
Human trafficking is real, and it is not just a third-world problem. Atlanta is a […]
I can’t believe I’m spending my day off waiting at the car repair shop, to […]
I’m driving around the north Georgia country this afternoon (chauffeuring my son around) and noticed this has to […]

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About the Author

Sue McCusker is a writer, Bible teacher, and web developer who loves to share the stories of life and hope she sees around her every day. She has written for Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines, and teaches the story of God in women’s Bible study. Her stories show how we can experience real faith in our everyday lives.