A prayer guide for each country of our world.

Countries E-M
The people of Ecuador are in two people groups – about half are Spanish and […]
Egypt is mostly desert.  Only 3% is arable land.  92% of the people are Arab-speaking […]
El Salvador is the smallest and most-densely populated mainland state in the Americas, and is […]
Eritrea is a small country in the horn of Africa along the coast of the […]
Estonia is one of the most successful of the post-Soviet economies.  Movement to a free […]
Ethiopia is a very unique country.  It is one of the oldest known nations, and […]
Fiji is a small country and group of islands in the South Pacific.  It is […]
Finland is a northern country between Sweden and the top portion of Russia.  It is […]
France is the largest country in western Europe and the sixth largest economy in the […]
French Guiana is a sparsely inhabited jungle in northeast South America.  They have one of […]
The French Polynesia is a group of over 100 islands in the South Pacific.  It […]
Gabon is on the equator in central coastal Africa.  Two-thirds of the land is tropical […]
The Gambia, or also called Republic of The Gambia, is a narrow strip of riverine […]
Georgia is located on the Black Sea between Russia, Turkey and Armenia.  It is regarded […]
Germany is strategically placed in the center of Europe.  The post WWII recovery has become […]
Ghana is on the south-western coast of the Gulf of Guinea in Africa.  79% of […]
Greece was the first European country to be evangelized.  The Apostle Paul went to Lystra […]
Greenland is 85% glacial ice cap, the world’s largest island, and the lowest population density.  […]
Guadeloupe is a French-owned island in the Caribbean.  France has owned the island since 1635, […]
Guatemala is located between southern Mexico and Honduras.  Just a few days ago, a 5.2 […]
Guinea is located on Africa’s west coast.  The country has huge mineral deposits, fertil and […]
Guyana is on the north coast of South America.  It was in Dutch and British […]
Haiti is one of the most densely populated and poorest countries in the Americas.  Hundreds […]
Honduras is a mountainous land with rain forests and fertile coastal plains on both the […]
Hungary has adjusted well from a socialist economy to a market economy, though the older […]
Iceland is a unique, volcanic island in the North Atlantic.  It is largely inhabited by […]
With a population of about 1.3 billion, India dominates South Asia and the Indian Ocean.  […]
Indonesia has over 6,000 inhabited islands, vast coral reefs, and is the world’s fourth most […]
The Islamic Republic of Iran (formerly Persia from the Bible) is a desert region that […]
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, but it is not recognized internationally.  The land is […]
Italy is a mountainous peninsula that dominates the Mediterranean Sea and includes two large islands, […]
Jamaica is a large mountainous island in the Caribbean.  Jamaica has a wonderful Christian heritage, […]
Japan has one of the world’s most powerful export economies, but was heavily affected by […]
Jordan is a desert region that borders the Dead Sea, and home to the famous […]
Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country and dominates central Asia between Russia and China, and is […]
Kenya has only been independent from Britain since 1963.  Like many countries who have gained […]
North Korea is probably the most isolated economy in the world.  They believe in an […]
South Korea was transformed from a poor nation in 1953 into the eleventh-largest economy in […]
Kuwait is an oil-rich wedge of desert between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.  They became independent […]
(The silk road, an ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean.) Kyrgyzstan became independent […]
Laos is a narrow, landlocked land between Thailand and Vietnam.  It is a complex mix […]
A pre-Soviet state, Latvia is the central of three Baltic republics.  It has been ruled […]
Lebanon rests between Israel and Syria, and is the site of ancient Phoenicia, which is […]
Lesotho is a small country at the southern tip of African continent, surrounded by South […]
Liberia is well watered and has an abundance of natural resources including iron, diamonds, and […]
One of three Baltic states, Lithuania is a country of many forests and lakes.  Over […]
Luxembourg is situated between France, Belgium and Germany.  They have 100% literacy rate and are […]
Macedonia is a landlocked state surrounded by Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania.  It is […]
Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique.  Much of […]
Malawi is in Central Africa next to Tanzania and Mozambique.  It is a densely populated […]
Malaysia has two separate parts or peninsulas in the South China Sea.  It is a […]
Maldives are a small group of coral islands southwest of Sri Lanka in the Indian […]
Mali is a landlocked country in the Sahara Desert of Africa.  The land is susceptible […]
(St. Paul’s Bay at the island of Malta) Malta is an island in the center […]
Martinique is a small volcanic island in the Caribbean Sea.  The majority are African Caribbean, […]
Mauritania is mostly desert in Western Central Africa.  It is divided between White and Black […]
          The country of Mauritius, not related to Mauritania in Western […]
Contrary to what one may think about the land in Mexico, only 10% is arable […]
Micronesia is a UN Trust Territory that is overseen by the United States.  It is […]
Monaco is the second smallest state in the world, with an area of 2 sq […]
Mongolia is a country squeezed in the middle, with China to the south and Russia […]
Montenegro is a coastal Adriatic state that is small, but mountainous and picturesque.  With its […]
(Ancient Moroccan tanneries) Morocco is in the northwest corner of Africa.  Sunni Islam is the […]
Mozambique is located in the southeast corner of the African continent, across from the island […]
Myanmar is surrounded by India, China and Thailand. It is very diverse ethnically, with eight […]

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